Young Entrepreneur - Guide to Networking

bob mangat

In our society it would appear that anyone has got the chance to become an entrepreneur. Everyone has something, startup company or innovative idea but only the best survive in the world of entrepreneurship. There are tons of things that can help you along your trip to becoming a successful entrepreneur; a business plan, set up funding or capital and academic or personal experience are only a few. An extremely valuable resource is recognizing the importance of networking.

Networking is among the most, or even the most important factor for entrepreneurs in marketing yourself or business. "To be successful, you need to be able to connect with people; they need to be happy with your personality to be able to do business with you and also to create a romantic relationship with mutual trust". - George Ross

With social media marketing & online community staying at an all-time high, I think it could be a triumph for the majority of but a failure for some. People get so involved with using social websites as being a form communication; they almost forget the importance of verbal communication. Comprehending the art of "working a room" can be quite a valuable tool for everyone but specifically entrepreneurs.

Sometimes closely with university students and noticed when attending conferences or networking events with potential employers, companies, and influential people, these are always impressed with students that have impeccable networking and communication skills. Here are few tips to just as one expert networking professional.

bob mangat

- Create your elevator pitch; this is a short summary used to quickly describe somebody, service or product, profession or organization. Your pitch must be casual yet confident and span 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

- Research before you buy! It's really a great idea to learn your crowd. Once you learn who may be attending the networking event, its best to research them. You might have something in common; you probably will feel much more comfortable talking to them knowing something about the subject. Identify yourself with others who may have the identical mindset of search for commonalities in groups but don't limit you to ultimately only professionals in your industry.

- Be genuine; networking can bring about lifetime connections and relationships. You need to be operational and honest and invite your true personality to show.

- Follow-up; it will take time and energy to develop a networking relationship. Be patient yet persistent; you wish to nurture the partnership naturally. Try inviting these phones lunch or drinks; a great method for casual conversation outside of the business setting. This is how the social media marketing happens. Reply to their blogs, use LinkedIn in order to connect professionally (this may possibly enable you to meet others in their network). As I said networking usually takes time.